Theatre Set and Prop Building Highlights


Blunderbus Theatre Company

        Rainbow Fish: Construction of metalwork for mobile set, plus metalwork for various props.


Creation Theatre Company

        Animal Farm: Took design concept and built metal stage to fit an outdoor location on a sloping site inside Oxford Castle.




          Little Shop of Horrors: Set constructed of MDF flats, bolted and screwed together on site in 1 day, which included lighting and sound engineers setting up their lights and equipment.  The working plants were built from a steel frame with foam and cloth covering and capable of eating their victims.




        Les Miserables: A spectacular set with the baracades that started off in 2 pieces looking like Paris houses - folded and linked together to form the barricades that moved around the stage;


        Sparkle Shark: A 2 storey house cut though so that it looked as if a bomb had hit it, but built strong enough so actors could still use what was left of the floors;


        Jesus Christ Superstar: Multi-level set constructed with a steel frame, ladders, etc to give a modern feel to this musical. It also included 13 foot high flats for the wings, painted to look like roman pillars, and pedestals with poles for performers, and a hydraulically operated cross to raise Jesus.




        Cinderella: Set incorporated unique design of revolving flats, allowing 3 backdrops to be painted and then selected during the performance within 10 seconds.   Set  included a scaffold walkway plus removable platform on the spiral staircase with flats that raised and lowered to allow a backlit silhouette scene to happen on the stairs;




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Providing set building and prop making services to small and medium sized theatres and exhibitions.